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  • Not your usual cartoon
    Short on crop insurance for sustainable use of water resources
  • Bruno Latour
    A video interview on climate change perception
  • IPCC 5th report
  • Milan Center for Food Law and Policy
    This cartoon animated in After Effects details the mission of this italian Think Thank lead by the important jurist Livia Pomodoro
  • Connie Hedegaard
    A video interview on the need for science to communicate better?
  • Migrations and climate change
    Prof. Richard Black from SOAS explains how migration is actually an adpatation option for poor people which is always multicausal
  • Water-Food-Energy Nexus
    Jippe Hoogeveen, Technical Officer at FAO explains what are the strong linkages between water, food and energy and how policy should be addressing this nexus
  • The keywords to understand climate change
  • Climate change and biodiversity
    Prof. Gomez from University of AlcalĂ  details the main impacts of climate change on biodiversity and how to possibly tackle them with sound policy interventions
  • Future water availability under climate change
    Two researchers from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research details the projections for water availability in different regions of the world and under different scenarios of global warming
  • Guido Santini
    A short video on how to tackle water scarcity
  • IPCC WG 3: Policies and finance to tackle Climate Change
    This video animated with scribing techniques is based on a set of interviews to italian lead authors of the report
  • Peter Wadhams
    The arctic death-spider